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Ever wonder how the cities looked in the 19th century, when now cities are still not perfect? Well, cities in the 19th centuries were very dirty and unlivable. Cities today are livable but not perfect like we all would want.

The government helped reconstruct urban cities by creating settlement homes, government funding many organizations, and a complete renewal of the cities.

City conditions were very poor and very dirty. Many African American families were unfairly treated because of their color and their ability to work. Homes often had no running water or heat. No one really had a "good life", everyone had poor living conditions, and no money to live. Jobs were not easy to get, nor food.

Homes were small, dirty, and extremely unconventional.

Streets had many types of trash, dirt and waste scattered on the floor by many homes and people.

Sometimes children and people where homeless and had to live in the dirty streets.

Government helped with the renewal of the cities by funding organizations to help the people. Government helped the people who were ill with the Medicare act. This helped pay for people in need of medical and or physical help. In addition, government also gave budgets and gave money to the people of the cities.

Finally a woman named Jane Addams created settlement houses, to house for the poor, and the immigrants. This helped many people who couldn't afford houses. In a Settlement House, the higher up you live, the "poorer" you are.

As you can see, Government really helped the cities renew and become more livable and functional.


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