University of California, Irvine By: arianna demar

501 Aldrich Hall Irvine, CA 92697

Is the address for this school we will be talking well... typing about today!😊

Top Ten Majors

Biology, Social Psychology, Public Health, Psychology, and Political Science and Government,

Economics, Computer Science, Criminology, Sociology, and Managerial Economics.

I count cheerleading as a sport😆

All Sports offered at University of California, Irvine...

Men's baseball, Men & Women basketball, Men & Women cross country running, Men & Women golf, Men & Women soccer, Men & Women tennis, Women indoor track & feild, Men & Women outdoor track & feild, Men & Women volleyball, and Men & Women water polo.

Clubs (Student Life)

  • Wrestling Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Triathlon Club

Those are only just a few examples!

School Dorms...

In The University of California, Irvine there are percentages of how many live on campus or off...🤓

  • 41% live on the colleges owned affiliated houses.
  • 59% live off campus

There's one thing about this school... that puts me on edge but that's a story for later...😏

There's only a certain amount who may be accepted of course come to the real world🌎! Only about 40.7% get admitted now don't give your hopes up I know it's not even half but you got a chance!!!

Come on now you knew this was coming😝! The cost a lot of people struggle with finding the money for college I mean it's expensive🤑! The tuition fee is about $11,220 now just imagine the rest!

I know more money💰! But this time it's a good thing ya see the percentage of students who get financial aid which is 98%!! If you get in I hope your not that 2% left over!!😂

Many of us hate tests and wish we could crawl into a hole and never come out... well sorry buddy you can't already tried but you can study for the SAT you have to score at least 1030-1290! Good Luck😉 !

The number of non-graduates is 24,489 I hope you don't become one of those finish school and you can do what you awant after!

There's 53.8% of women at the University of California...

While there only 46.2% of men...

Get your boyfriends quick girls!💗

  • 0.1% American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • 44.2% Asian
  • 2.0% Black/African American
  • 29.5% Hispanic/Latino
  • 4.5% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • 14.6% White
  • 5.1% Unknown

Inetersting facts!😘

1. The university’s mascot is Peter the Anteater, who, in 1965, beat out the other student recommendations for mascots. The other choices? The Unicorns, the Roadrunners, the Toros, and the Sea Hawks. Maybe Peter is the best choice afterall.

2. The university is the second largest employer in Orange County, CA, generating $4.8B for the county.

3. Ocean’s Eleven and Planet of the Apes were filmed on campus (Neuroscience and Social Science buildings, respectively).

4. Kobe Bryant has been spotted training at the university’s student gym known as the Anteater Recreation Center (ARC).

5. Money magazine has ranked UC Irvine as the No. 1 university for beach lovers.


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