Spanish Portfolio By: Tykedrik Gadson

The Spanish alphabet letter total is 29 due to the inclusion of the letters "ch", "ll" and "ñ", Spanish letters are also all feminine

Numbers and Time

Numbers in spanish are very straightforward however they have some rules such as numbers from 1-15 act as their own numbers but after 15 they begin to take their tenth number as a word part like cuarenta y seis, cuarenta being 40 and seis meaning 6 so the number would be 46. Time is the same way however there are a few terms you must know such as Es la una being the time during 1:00 and Son Las being the hour after 1:00.

Weather and Seasons

The weather in Spanish is the same as it is in english just with different words and there aren't any special rules. Seasons are the same way.

Regular Verbs

All Spanish verbs are "Regular" or "irregular" and there are three categories of verbs being -ar verbs, -ir verbs, and -er verbs and all three categories are infinitives and in spanish all infinitives end in -er -ir or -ar.

Verbs Ser and Estar

The verbs Ser and Estar both mean "to be" however ser is used to describe things that are permanent and often unchangeable, whereas Estar is used to describe things that are temporary.


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