Merlin Skating Day October 17

Merlin Skating Day, also known as National Roller Skating Day, is a day where you can get outside and skate.

John Joseph Merlin, the inventor of the roller skates.

Merlin Skating Day is based off the inventor of the roller skates, John Joseph Merlin. The roller skates were first invented in 1760. There is no exact date when they were invented.

Though there is a Roller Skating Month, the month of October, there is no exact day for this sport. Therefore Merlin Skating Day takes place on October 17th.

A poster for Nation Roller Skating Month .

Today many celebrities skate! It is actually a popular sport among them.

10 Roller Skating Facts!

  1. John Joseph Merlin, the inventor of the roller skates, didn't practice and he crashed in seconds
  2. Many celebrities roller skate
  3. One couple got married on skates in the middle of their favorite rink
  4. Some people deliver food on skates
  5. The largest parade of skates was on June 15, 2008
  6. In 1863, a man invented the first turning roller skates
  7. More than 20% of indoor skaters skate 31 to 99 times per year
  8. Participants in the Matrist Group did a survey of why people skate.
  9. Skating causes 50% of the impact shock to joints compared to running
  10. Skating indoors is one of the safest sports for all ages
A neon sign for roller skating
A roller skating race.

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