Lions By Peter Nelson

Lions eat lots of meat each day.
A lion's roar could be heard more than 8 kilometers away by a human.
The lion's enemy is the hyena.
Lions are so cute but imagine hyenas eating them.
Lions live throughout the Sahara dessert and in parts of southern and Eastern Africa.
Lions are the only cats to live in groups.
Lions have massive shoulders and strong legs. They have sharp, powerful, jaws.
Lions could sleep as much as 20 hours of sleep a day usually after a big kill.
Lions may be cute and beautiful but you will never want to be near them.


Created with images by Unsplash - "lion mane animal" • Meditations - "abstract barbecue barbeque" • wwarby - "Lion" • mape_s - "Hyena" • Steve Slater (used to be Wildlife Encounters) - "lion cub" • WikiImages - "africa map relief" • Steve Glasgow - "Lion pride after a good meal" • jurvetson - "Lions - Sharing a Meal" • oliver.dodd - "buffalo hunt" • PatternPictures - "lion baby young"

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