Revolutionary War The war for independence 

On April 19, 1775 in Concord, Massachusetts, and Lexington, Virginia, the British and the American Army had a battle after the British put many acts on the way they should live. It also started because the Americans had been angry about the Boston Massacre and the British were upset about the Boston Tea Party
On July 17, 1775, in Charlestown, Massachusttes, the British and the Americans started another battle because the British were trying to take over the sea ports, and the British got ven more mad when the colonists defended their two hills that the British had an easy advantage over the take over. The Americanswere building forts secrets while the British were sleeping. The British ended up winning, and the American Army grew stronger because they had gotten much more courage.
In August 27, 1776, Long Island, New York, the Americans and the British, had started another battle because the British had wanted to take over the Delaware River, and Albany, New York. George Washington had fled the scene but came back and continued the fight. The British had lost and the entire plan was thrown off course.
December 19, 1777, in Pennsylvania, the Americans and the British had instigated battle because the Americans were keeping an eye on the colonists of Philadelphia were surrounded by the British. In George Washingtons army, many had died from disease. The Americans had shortages on almost everything they had. When the spring of 1778 rolled around they finally left to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
September 11, 1777, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Americans, Hessians, and British were angry that William Howe wanted to capture Philadelphia. Washington had wanted to retake the city, so he launched an attack on the British. Americans were forced to flee Philadelphia. British capture Philadelphia, and the British stay in Philadelphia instead of moving to Albany.
September 3, 1783, Great Britain, British and America. End the war. To give each other what they wanted. They signed a treaty. America was recognized as it’s own. Payed the British what they were owed.

The Treaty of Paris is the most important because it was when the British had came to peace with the Americans, and valued them as their own country.

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