Mars Water Collection Challenge

Objective: using an operator Controlled Robot, students must a bot to collect a water bottle, and place it into a container to Base Camp


Last Friday, we removed the bumper of the robot. Today I would like to try to add another wheel onto the bot to stabilize it a little more. Once it is stabilized, I think that it should be able to climb the ramp with relative ease. After we add another wheel I think that I would like to test and then make more modifications accordingly

Yesterday we added the extra wheels. Today I think that we need to make a modification other than just adding weight to the back, opposed to what Suleman thinks. We will be testing today also.


Yesterday we got our robot to be able to get over the hump about 35% of the time. I would like to improve those odds to at least 50% today. I think that we need to modify the claw to be able to pick up the water bottle with little to no stability issues. I would like to add another grabber part to the claw, so it grabs the bottle in two places


Yesterday we connected our brain to the bot again. Today I would like to test the robot. I also think that our strategy should be get putting the water in the cup, and then push the water across.


Today we will just be doing more driving tests. I do not think that there are any more modifications to be made. I think it all falls down to perfecting our driving skills in a timely manner.


Today we are going to be doing more driving tests. We do not need to make any modifications. We just have to practice operator skills


Today we will be trying for our final grade. No more modifications need to be made at the moment. We want to get 100.

We didn't have to many problems with doing this task. I think that one of the biggest problems that we were having was that we had structural failures a lot of the time. We fixed that problem by removing the parts that kept falling off.

We had quite a few successes, and I can contribute most of them to luck. We only made it over the hump in time about half of the time, but luckily we were able to do it on the day that we did that actual competition.

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