New America School Lowry Remixun tape project

Re-MixUn was created as part of the Tape Project. Students, faculty, staff, parents were asked the following.

ReMixDeuX was created with songs students like to hear in the Morning.

What’s your favorite song? 20 answers submitted

Do you know someone elses favorite song? 10 people did

What song reminds you of home?

3 people were unsure

What song should everyone hear at least once?

None were left blank

Your guilty pleasure song?

6 didn’t have one but 4 of these 6 listen to music solo.

If there was not a clean or appropriate version of the song it was omitted from the remix but not the statistical totals

These songs were then remixed by Vonna Wolf for you to download and enjoy.

Ladies come learn Electronic Music Production with Beats By Girlz Aurora. Email vwolf@newamericaschool.org

Funded thru 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the US Department of Education

Created By
Vonna Wolf


Vonna Wolf