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Economic and Physical Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity is the lack of water usage within a region. It can be overused by people animals and land. There might not be enough infrastructure to supply and clean water.

Economic Water Scarcity: Economic Water Scarcity is a lack of water in infrastructure.

Physical Water Scarcity: Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water for everyone, so people who don't have enough water have to walk fair to get some.

Causes of Water Scarcity

Some things that might be causing water scarcity in North Africa are lack of water infrastructure, a large population, low rainfall, overuse of water, it may be overused by people, animals and land, distance, some countries aren't close to anywhere that had water and poor water quality.

The cause of water scarcity in Algeria is because of the high population making it hard to get water.

A map of North Africa. The red locates where Algeria is located.

This map shows the precipitation in Algeria. The light blue is not much and the dark blue is a lot. As you can see most parts of Algeria don't get enough precipitation that can be what causes water scarcity. The red dots symbolise the captial city.

The environment has affected the availability of water in Algeria because Algeria is a country kn semi-arid climate and that's why it's affected by water shortage.

Water scarcity in Algeria causes lack of access to clean water, do,r people don't get enough water, and some people get sick of the water isn't clean.

These graphs show why there is water scarcity in Algeria. As you can see there is lack of precipitation and combined with high temperatures, that's why there is water scarcity.

To resolve Water crisis different methods of solar desalination have been used. This is where they distil fresh water from saline water for drinking.


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