Danny Lyon Kylie Reeder; Period 1


Born: March 16,1942 (age 74) in Brooklyn, New York City, NY

currently living: in New Mexico and Maine

movement: new journalism

spouse: Nancy Lyon

education: University of Chicago (1963) studying history

self-taught himself photography and film-making

published first photographs working in student nonviolent coordinating committee

began publishing his own books hoping he could tell stories through his books

style: new journalism- meaning that the photographer has become immersed, and is a participant, of the documented subject and he is know for getting in close to his subject

traveled: with the Chicago outlaws motorcycle club (1965-1966), Manhattan, Texas, New Mexico, Maine, Georgia

captured civil rights in the south, summer of '63, when everything was on fire

focused mostly on capturing biker gangs, prison, and civil right movements

important to photojournalism because he gets in close to the subject and becomes part of the peoples' lives he photographing

I like this photo because it has a lot of people in the photo but the woman you is looking at the camera really stands out. It shows that the woman doesn't look very happy because there may be a protest going on or something similar.

I don't know how I really feel about this photo just because it's so simple that I can't tell what the guy is feeling. It looks like the guy is in prison, which Lyon lived in a prison for a little while capturing what goes on, and he just has a blank look on his face.

I really like this photo because it's showing this girl on a motorcycle with her hair blowing in the wind and she just looks like she is living the dream. You can't tell if she has problems with family or anything you can only tell that she is happy to be there.

I don't think I really like this photo just because I don't know the story behind and I can't predict anything or make an observation about it. It just looks like two guys, one sitting and one standing, and they are maybe filming or shooting photographs.

I like this photo a lot because it shows the motorcycle group just disappearing into the distance and it really caught my eye. I love the technique that Lyon used in this photo and I love it in black and white.

  • The composition in the photo above is truly amazing. Lyon used the fences along the side to show the distance and how long the road is. He also uses the lines on the street to make your eyes go down the road. In this photo you can't really tell how the light is because it's black and white. The center of interest isn't just one thing because there are a bunch of bikers bunched together. The mood of this photo is very calm and it makes you feel like your in Texas. I like the lines that lead you to the bikers and just the feeling you get when you look at the picture.

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