Spring Spectacular Chicago

Senior Haley Burgh performs her solo with several backgrounds dancers. The show was her last performance in choir for her high school career. "The idea of being able to perform one last time with the people who have shaped me in the past 4 years was the best part of Spring Spec for me. My peers and I have been through so much in our years of choir, and this show was a wonderful way for us to say goodbye," said Senior Haley Burgh.
Senior Dawson Raymond of Sound System preforms with the Accents, the all-girls junior varsity choir. "I enjoyed the theme of Chicago, it was very creative. It gave me the opportunity to play the suave lawyer, Billy Flynn. It was bittersweet for me and my fellow seniors, there were definitely tears shed by many," said Raymond.
Varsity choir Debtones preforms "My Kind of Town". "It was my last spring spec so it was really different. I was excited about performing, but I was also sad because it was my last show. I've had many wonderful memories within the CG choir department and am excited to watch the shows in the future," said Senior Maddie Robbins.
Senior Sarah Anderson performs alongside seniors Kaley Mills and Joshua Billik during "We Both Reached for the Gun". “Roxanne was my favorite because I already loved that number from when Sound System did it originally. That number is one of the iconic Sound System numbers and it was so exciting to be able to recreate such an incredible piece," said Senior Sarah Anderson.
Sophomore Alayna Whitis performs her solo "When You're Good To Mama" during the Sound System set. "I think this last show brought everyone together because all four competing groups have worked really hard all year as a team and we all realized this would be the last time we would be able to perform together," said Whitis. Everyone was really living in the moment and just having fun on stage and it resulted in all of us giving a really good performance . The show reminded us why we love what we do and who we love doing it with and brought us all together as a team and family."

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