Steam Engine

The Steam Engine was the most significant change because it provided faster transportation of products and allowed faster transportation to people. It created a chance for more jobs and helped the U.S. to fulfill its " Manifest Destiny ".

The Steam Engine was first starting to develop in the 1700's but was not officially invented until the early 1800's. As to who first invented the Steam Engine it is unclear.

The Steam Engine was a significant advancement to the United States. The Steam Engine allowed people to travel faster and allowed them to travel west helping the U.S. fulfill its Manifest Destiny and helped Westward Expansion. This affected the North states the most.

Not only did it allow faster transportation to people but it also allowed faster shipment of goods. Which helped strengthen companies which also helped strengthen the Economy of the United States.

The Steam Engine allowed land and water transportation to be possible.

"Though the steam engine gave way to the internal-combustion engine as a means of vehicle propulsion, interest in it revived in the second half of the 20th century"


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