Internal Security Local Crimes

Instructional Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the criteria necessary for an incident to be considered a threat to internal security.
  2. Explain what are the various government departments and ministries that are responsible with dealing with threats to internal security.

Internal Security

Internal security of a country is compromised when an action becomes a threat to a country’s internal order, compromising the wellbeing of citizens and the nation.

What are some threats to a nation's internal security?

Pair Work!

Look at the case study assigned to your pairs.

‘If you were the head of MHA, which department would you deploy based off the organisations seen on pages 70 and 71. And why?


  1. Discuss with your partner. If you were the head of MHA, which department would you deploy (with reference to pages 70 - 71) and why?
  2. What other various ministries can you foresee being mobilised, besides the Ministry of Home Affairs? (refer to pages 51 - 53). Why?

Class Discussion

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