Where did Christians home go? Amal

Christian is a Polar bear. Christian has 20000 friends just like him!
Christian lives with his friends in the very very cold Arctic.
Christian lives on the ice but now it is getting hotter and hotter each day and Christian's home is melting! "Why is my home melting?" Christian thought to himself and as soon as he thought his father Daniel popped up his head and said....
"It's all climate change! Its global warming!"
"What's that?" Christian said. "Global Warming is when the earth is getting hotter and hotter which is caused by greenhouse gasses"
"Greenhouse gases? Whats that and how do we stop it?!"
"This is what the greenhouse gas effect is. And a way we can stop it is to hope that our friends the humans follow the three easy R's. Reduce Reuse and Recycle"
"Wow thats so easy!" Exclaimed Christian "Yes it is! And if our friends all follow these steps we wont lose our home!" Replied Daniel "Lets go catch some dinner and spread the word about global warming and how we have to stop it." "Good idea"
And off swam Christian and his dad Daniel to go and tell their friends and to help stop global warming.


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