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So as we go into the rest of this week, I just want to remind you guys of something very important, we are daughters of the only true King.

Live Like a Princess

Kaitlyn Boggs

Galatians 4:7 "So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir."

It was a warm day in mid June. I sat in the midst of at least one hundred other people. A young woman was called up to the stage, tears barely restrained, as my pastor said quietly, "This is Isabella. She has recently lost her mother. She has been struggling with this loss and asked if we could all pray for her."

I could feel my own tears welling up as I remembered the funeral I had attended not too long ago for my grandmother. It was there, in the midst of loss and grief and love that I felt God moving in my heart. As I listened to the sermon that night, I felt fear grip me. What if I died tonight? Would my family be comforted that I was in a better place? The answer was a resounding no.

I accepted Christ in a booth with a sticky table as a room full of people worshipped God. The tears flowed freely and my heart broke when I realized the love Jesus could give me. I had heard about it for years, but He finally became real to me. In that moment, I became a princess. Not the kind we all pretended to be as kids when we ran around with long purple dresses and magic wands. I was the daughter of THE KING.. I still am today, and so are you!

Today, I call you ladies to live like a princess. No, I don't mean you should start wearing dresses, grow your hair out, and sing to animals. I mean that we need to start realizing what Scripture says about how we should act as heirs to the kindgom of God. For example, we are not meant to hang our head in shame. Princesses walk with their heads up. We are not meant to settle for any normal guy. Princesses marry princes (Sons of the King). We are not meant to degrade ourselves. Princesses are valued members of the kingdom. We are not meant to act like this world. Princesses have commandments to follow. We are not meant to be afraid. Princesses are brave because we know our Father is with us. I could go on and on about the things princesses are, but the truth is, you can go to Scripture and find verse after verse about the kind of women we truly are, and I encourage you to do that.

So as we go into the rest of this week, I just want to remind you guys of something very important, we are daughters of the only true King. We are valued members of this Kingdom. We are unique in our own valuable way. We have specific roles to fulfill as the daughters of Christ. We are His beautiful, unique, and wonderfully made creation. We are loved by our Father, and He is a good, good Father.

Hear me when I say this ladies. You are beautiful. It is rare to find someone who could look on the natural beauty of this world and say, "That is ugly. What were you doing when you created that God?" When we look at the stars, are we not awed by the care it took to hang each star there and to keep it burning? When we look at the flowers of the field, do we not marvel at their beauty? When the sun begins to set and the sky turns pink or orange, do we not say it is beautiful? The same God that made all of those things made each of you. Just as no two snowflakes, trees, or flowers are the same, neither are we. However, we are each beautiful and valued. He made no mistakes when He made the beauty of creation, and He did not make a mistake when He made you. I pray you would remember that today.

Father, today I pray that you would remind me of my place in the kingdom. I pray that you would fill me with your love and cause me to understand my value and beauty in your eyes. Help me to change my perspective and to see the world and myself through your eyes. Amen.


Calendar of events:

This is the schedule as it stands currently. Be sure to check this section in each newsletter because events are subject to change, and we do not want anyone missing out!

February 13th: The speaker will be Kassie Boggs. It will also be Canvas Night. Make sure to wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on! If you want to bring your own supplies feel free, but we will also have some for you guys! Also, since paints and canvases can get expensive, if you would like to donate a dollar or two, that would be a huge help. But if you can't do that you are still allowed to paint so no worries!

February 20th: Camille Mobbs will be speaking this night.

February 27th: Amy Kelley will be speaking.

March 6th: Spring Break! Have a blessed week with your family!

March 13th: Rosie Washburn will be speaking.

March 20th: LuAnn Robertson will be speaking.

March 27th: TBA. Possible group night.

April 3rd: Deana Graves will be speaking.

April 10th: Jenna Wright will be speaking.

April 17th: Final Radiant of the semester. Time to wrap up the semester and fellowship!


S.A.L.T is for freshmen and transfer students who wish to train to be on the leadership team at the BCM. It is a three week focus that helps students consider how they can step up and serve in the BCM. It is Mondays at 5pm @ the BCM.

Radiant is Monday nights at 7:30. We have different women who come to speak every week! It is a great time to fellowship with each other and grow closer to God together!

The Well is at 6 on Tuesday nights. Come out for a great time of worship!

Noonday is Thursday at noon. Come out and enjoy some delicious free food!

If you would like to participate in writing a devotion for the newsletter then talk to, email, or text Kaitlyn Boggs. Her contact information is:

Phone: 731-610-8514 Email: kaibbogg@ut.utm.edu

Have a blessed week! God bless you!


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