HOLES luis sachar


my favorite character is Sam the onion seller. I like because he is humble, honest,and all time he try to help to the people, also he does not care about what would happen by his love to KB he was willing everything for her that it because I like the character am the onion seller.

Camp Green Lake

the story tall about Green lake when it was a very large lake where there were trees, plants, glass, brush, and too many people, in Texas that was over a hundred years ago, now just a dray, flat wasteland, an it become in juvenile correctional Camp Green Lake for bad boys.

there are too many conflicts in the story, but one of theme is the curse of Stanley's great-great-great grandfather because all what happened in the story is by that. if fulfilled the promise his family would not have bad luck.

I think that the theme is that if we are a good person doesn't matter if we have a curse all time we need to say the true, help the people, and to be a good friend, like Stanley he risked and took the Mr. sir's truck to go to look for zero thank to that his luck began to change.

I would recommend the story because it is very interesting and when you are reading it you spend a moment of much suspense and interest about what will happened, it is a pretty book and tall a story very cool.

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