Good Life Tour of The Harn Ramon Colindres

Photo above taken from Google Images:

The "Zandvoort" was the first piece of artwork I saw when I entered the museum. This was one of my favorite artworks in the museum because it stood out the most to me. I feel this way because it was one of the few three-dimensional sculptures in the museum. Being able to see this artwork in person gave me the opportunity to look at all of the elements in different perspectives rather than a photo, where there's only one way to observe it. Also, the fact that this work of art was made from etched magnesium added to its originality. I felt the excitement of the vibrant colors used to paint the sculpture. Overall, I enjoyed the dynamic expression of the artwork that was communicated to me.

February 18, 2017; American Abstraction Exhibit; "Zandvoort"

When I visited the museum, my favorite wing was the Modern Collection area. I liked the overall look of the art presented there, especially the garden shown below. I felt surprised seeing the garden within the museum and I immediately loved it. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, I also enjoyed the garden since I enjoy nature quite a bit. I also felt like I could relate to the art displayed here because it was more contemporary than that of the other wings of the museum. So, I was able to relate to the art in the Modern Collection area the most. Overall, I feel that this wing is the most distinct, which is why it appealed to me the most.

February 18, 2017; Modern Collection Exhibit; "Irving J. Goffman Garden"

I have always loved animals and nature, which is what inspired me to pursue the veterinary field. So, my passion for animals would be one of my core values. It has a peaceful atmosphere that really makes me enjoy the painting even more. In addition to the joy that the painting instilled in me with its beauty, I really feel like I appreciate nature even more. It inspires me to try experiencing the beauty of nature for myself if I have the opportunity.

February 18, 2017; Modern Collection Exhibit; "Forest with Heron"

I was very intrigued by this painting of a funeral when I first looked at it. When analyzing the painting a bit more, this can be related to one of the Good Life themes in the course. The "Celebrating" theme would apply the most to this painting. This is because a funeral is essentially a "celebration" of somebody's life. The funeral being shown here does a good job at expressing the idea that all types of celebrations are different. For example, a funeral is a good example to prove that not all celebrations need to be conventionally joyous. However, the aspect that a funeral has in common with other types of celebrations is the level of significance to the person celebrating. In other words, there should be some personal meaning or purpose that distinguishes it from any mundane occasion or event.

February 18, 2017; Modern Collection Exhibit; "Funeral"

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