Chad By: Noah Litzelswope

Chad is know as "The Babel Tower of the world." Republic of Chad, is a landlocked country located in central Africa. Chad is almost twice the size as Texas. Also Chad has only two official languages French and Arabic. Chad is one of Africa's poorest country.

Photo of a embassy in the capital of N'Djamena
N'Djamena capital city bank
A part of downtown N'Djamema
The logone river
A sand storm going threw a small village in Chad
Rocky arid climate in Chad
Three main climate zones in Chad
The exact location of Chad on the continent Africa
Lake Chad
A representation of the low poverty in Chad

Geographic theme of location is defined, as a particular place or position abosolute and or relative. Chad relative location is Cameron, C.A.R., Libya, Niger, Nigeri, and Sudan. Chads capital is N'Djamena, its exact location 12 06'N and 16 02'E. Some of many landforms, are the sahara desert which flows into a lot of chad. Also chad has its on lake, Lake Chad. Also has mountains in the northern part. Know as tibesti mountains. The countries that boarded Chad are, Libya, Sudan, C.A.R., Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. There are only two bodies of water around and in lake Chad. Chari & logone rivers and lake Chad. The climates for Chad are hot and tropical. South rainy seasons are may-oct. And north has very little rain.

The geographic theme of Chad is very harsh on depending where you are. Very poor country and non-proper waste disposal. It can be very harsh to live in Chad. The few naturaul resources that are found Chad. Are natron, petroleum, uranium, and north is iron and gold.

A picture of where resources are located in Chad
People of Chad mining for golf in a pit
Millet is a huge crop in chad
People of Chad managing there natural resources
A guy catching fish very extensive resource in Chad.

The couple of cultural groups are nomadic, semi nomadic, grazing, and livestock. Some groups called Fulani and tubu. Islam is widely practiced among these groups. Some of th reglions are muslim, protestan Christians, and Catholics.

A tubu man
Muslim man praying
Muslims holy book
A group of prestantant and Christians
A old and new mosque sitting side by side

The traditions and or celebrations that are important to this country. Feast of sacrifice Ramadan. Also eid al fitr celebrated by muslims.

Children performing a traditional dance
Celebrating a holiday
A traditional girl dance, and leaning on a donkey

The government in Chad is a presidential system. Also it's republic along with, composing of 446 cantons. There executive elections happen every five years.

The environment interaction of Chad. It is one of the poorest countries in Chad. It is a very unstable country, but in some places it is more stable. There are a lot of crops grown here, because that's how a lot of people make their money. Crops such as sorghum, (the most important) millet, and corn.

Sorghum plant be side a village
Two different kinds of millet in Chad
Women grinding corn

The jobs here are very low. As in a lot of women can't be a teacher, because they usually stay home. Therefore there are a lot schools with very little teachers. Most of Chad jobs are either livestock and or agricultural.

Women making there own stove
Women are forced to tend farms and gather water
A man selling to make clothing

Chad has a few endangered species. Dama gazelle and wild dog they got endangered, by hunting. Became a big problem in decline of species after hunting with modern firmarms.

A picture of a endangered oryx
Wild dog
Rhinos are very endangered in Africa

Chad has problems such as improper waste disposal, poor farming, and water pollution. Clean energy solutions help Chad have acces to clean water.

Chads geographic theme of region. Northern Chad is mostly Sahara desert, while southern Chad is mostly topical region. Chad’s education system follows the French model. Chads typical education begins at kindergarten, followed by 6 years of primary (elementary) education, 7 years of secondary education, and 7 years of higher education.

A classroom for displaced children
Kid in class
A example of a classroom in Chad

Chads current population is 12.83 density is 8.83 per square kilometer. The area of Chad in square miles is 495,800. Chads GDP per capita is 1,053.66 (USD). The life expectancy for males and females, is around 51 and 54 years of age. The literacy rate of Chad is 40.2%.

The geographic theme of moment is how that country imports and or exports goods. Chad exports oil, cotton, cigarettes, and soap. Imports machinery, transportation, equipment, and Industrial goods.

A cigarette
Tansportation heavy equipment establishment

The flag of Chad was adopted on November 6, 1959. The meaning of the colors are, blue represents the sky/hope, yellow represents country's sun and desert, and red prosperity in blood shed for independence.

Chads flag

Chad gained its independence in aug 11, 1960 from France. There president at the current time banned all political parties which started a 40 year civil war. Since civil war, chads droughts have devastated much of the country, creating serious problems, including severe food shortage.

Voting in chad
Millet a very big crop for food in Chad
A way Chad people communicate and transport
A village and living environment in chad

Chad’s economy has been growing in recent years to a period of stability and investment in the oil sector. Thought the wealth from the oil industry has yet to benefit society as a whole.

How some people get place to place
A bridge in Chad

Chad dictator Hissène Habré has war crimes also crimes against humanity. One of the witnesses whose was Khadidja Zidane, who testified that Habré had raped her four time. Later Harbré also had to pay millions of dollars to many other victimis (killing around 40,000 people). Also Souleymane Guengueng, who was one of numerous people imprisoned and tortured during the brutal reign of President Habré in Chad, now lives in a public housing in the Bronx.

Chad people holding pictures of dictator Harbe
habre chads former dictator
Souleymane Guengueng one of numerous haressed by the dictator
Souleymane Guengueng fought against the dictator

The reason to travel to the country of Chad! Are the variety of chads touring options. Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is the largest wetland in Chad and the second-largest in Africa. Chad has very popular sites to visit. Such as Zakouma National Park located in south Chad. With over 3000 square kilometers of wild animals. Also a national museum along with Toussidé name of a volcano. This volcano is potentially active, and elevated to 3,315 m.

Wild elephants in the park
A Chad lodge in the national park
National park
Lake chad

A day in life for the boys and girls in Chad. Some girl and boys who live in the city of N'Djamena go to school. Thought the girls who live in small villages usually help out with household chores. The boys will help Shepard the cattle, and when older workout in the fields. They play soccer (football), jump rope, and hopscotch. There clothes also can vary depending on where and or how they live. The typical attire is long robes. Thought for men is more causal/traditional.

Girls cleaning off food
Causal attire for women
Chadian people playing soccer

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