Henry Hudson 1575-1609 (presumed)

Early Life

Henry Hudson was born in 1575. Well not exactly know one knows when he was born so I do not know what he did in his early life all I know is that he was born in England and raised there and he was the captain of the voyage's.


In 1609 Henry Hudson made his third voyage for the Dutch. He had a big job, he had to find the North West passage. He was very exited to take this adventure, his ships came across a place called Canada and New York on this expedition. In the years of 1607 and 1608 Henry Hudson tried to find the shortest trade route to Asia. He tried and tried but sadly he could not find the way. He was was thought to be one best explorer who's dream never came true.


Iced in on the Hudson Bay trouble rang out as the crew got hungry, cold and tired. It took month's before they could finally leave the Hudson Bay. They probably were as happy as can be they could go home to there family's but Henry had a different idea. He said that they should keep exploring. The crew hated this, so they decided to mutiny. They put Henry on a shalop with his son and 7 other men and that was the last they ever heard from him again.


Henry Hudson was a great explorer he never gave up which I admire he found some pretty cool places like New York and he found the Hudson bay and the Hudson straight in Canada. although he did not find what he was looking for he did he had other great accomplishments.


Henry Hudson was brave he would never give up he loved to explore and see new things he found so many great places all around the globe. He had some pretty bad things happen to him on the way but as Mikey Rooney once said "you will all ways pass failure on your way to success".


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Henry Perspective

The ice finally melted and are ship could move. I was so happy that we can keep exploring but the rest of the crew had a different idea. They wanted to go home and let me tell you there was a big fight. So I stormed to my room I hear the cry of my son shots of muskets I hope this is not what I think it is. -Henry Hudson

This is the British flag one of the countries that sponsored Henry.

Henry Hudson was born and raised in England.

This is the Hudson bay

Time Line

This is a short timeline of Henry Hudson´s life.


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