Norris Hughes a man on a journey...

Technologist, Professor, & Lifelong Learner

Norris is a technology enthusiast and results-oriented professional with a can-do attitude/spirit. What he enjoys most is being able to innovate and help others to create amazing stuff. As a researcher and educator, Norris is very interested in how augmented/virtual reality technologies transform the way we work, teach and learn from around the globe.

Norris has more than 25 years overall experience working as an industry professional. He holds a BFA degree in Digital Design and Master's degree in Instructional Technology. And completed all coursework and comprehensive exams in accordance with, partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Information Technology.

For the past 15 years, Norris has worked as a digital consultant in many capacities and roles across a variety of industries to include federal government, banking and finance, healthcare/medical device, and information technology services. Norris' expertise lies in front-end web design and development with overall responsibility for project management of corporate web properties as well as Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Marketing Automation, and implementation of emerging technologies.

4th of July 2015 in New Orleans

Norris has an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and passion for all things digital. What he enjoys most is being able to innovate and create amazing stuff.

Google Glass Explorers 2013-2015

Google Glass was the first wearable AR device that attaches to a pair of special glass frames. Glass had an optical head-mounted display to feed information (news, text, email, & notifications) to the Glass user's display as well enabling the user to make hands-free commands such as "Take a picture", "Record a video", or "Google Search". We (Google Glass Explorers) were chosen to help Google realize the potential for Glass. This means engaging with Glass from the perspective of the everyday user and providing Google with crucial feedback to enhance the consumer experience.


Captured on Google Glass

St. Thomas journey up St. Peter mountain

Hopkins, Belize

Streets of San Juan

Grand Turk Island

Segway in Grand Turk

Cape Cod Beach

View from suite in Las Vegas

Trip to DC/Maryland

Couples - Negril, Jamaica

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Norris Hughes

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