information design FINAL PORTFOLIO

color schemin'

For this project, I wanted to focus heavy on the theme of Ren - purity and cleanliness. The greenery icons exude a natural feeling, which also give a sense of calmness. For the color version, I wanted to use only light, soothing colors. This helps consumers automatically feel the vibe of the company and the product - a very big deal for first impressions.

balance + composure

In the resume redesign project, I wanted to emphasize a nature of clean design that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Although the layout is asymmetrical, the weight of the resume is distributed evenly depending on the varying sections and topics. Contrast is also at work here between the white background and the large black banner at the top.

alignment ft. REPETITION

Alignment and repetition are vital concepts in design, especially in large media pieces such as infographics. Repetition can occur between colors, images, and type. In this graphic, I used the same three fonts throughout, as well as the colors. Repetition is also found through the paw prints. Alignment is another important, but tricky, concept to tackle for infographics. When designing I had to experiment over and over again with the placement of the charts because of their size and the information that needed to go along with them. Other concepts of design such as proximity and contrast go hand-in-hand with these tools, as you also have to make sure they are balanced and one doesn't overwhelm the other.


Writing as Information Design is not only an important field, but a fun one. It fuses together important concepts and principles of both writing and graphic design, which is convenient for me, as someone who identifies as both a writer and a graphic designer. The projects throughout the semester have helped to realize the way the two fields really do work together, whether the project was more image-based, like the logo, or more text-based, like the resume. The infographic was a special one all on its own as it was heavy on both information and the imagery and icons. Prior to this class, most of my design experience has been based on artistic imagery and abstract ideas, but this class has helped me utilize design with information, making it a more practical and useful way to curate designs.


Created with images by Pexels - "botanical color decoration" • Wow_Pho - "dog cute pet"

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