Phantom Tollbooth Matt AItken

Milo is a boy who is not satisfied with anything. He doesn't think that being entertained is necessary and that everything is boring.

I think that Norman Juster is trying to explain that not thinking is not good and you can end up in bad situations when you don't use your brain.

Tock's parents made a mistake in naming him Tock, probably because they didn't want to waste time listening to if he ticked or tocked.

The Kings Ministers, Cabinet, Council, Board, Assembly, Advisors, Body, Senate, are The Minister of Meaning, The Duke of Definition, The Earl, of Essence, The Undersecretary of Understanding, and the Count of Connotation.

The Word Market is a place where people come to buy and sell letters and words.

The Humbug is a bug who does not get along with the Spelling bee. He wants all the attention and doesn't like how the Bee is getting all of it.

Motto: Niemals Aufhoren

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