The Dessert Fox Erwin Rommel

The 7th Panzer division

The 7th Panzer Division lead by Erwin Rommel. Was involved in fight to take France and Belgium. This Division was very Impressive. They were at many time out numbered and a few times forced to retreat. They were also Involved in the Occupation of France. Because of his Excellent work in France Hitler promoted and appointed him to commander of Afrika Korps.

Afrika Korps

It was in Northern Africa Where Rommel got his nickname ¨Dessert Fox¨. Rommel was in charge of the Korps and led them to many victories. He had pushed the British back to El Alamein. But sadly he lacked supplies, men, and rest and lost battles and pushed back to where he started almost. Then he left to Germany due to Illness.


Rommel now became Hitlers adviser. Then He went to France and Holland and was in charge of the defenses. Rommel ask his Hitler to make defenses better but Hitler did not allow Rommel to a little bit of the things he wished to change because the poor defenses the Allies were able to make it inwards in europe.


Rommel was forced to move back to Germany due to an Injury. It is believed that he was part of a plot to kill Hitler. When Hitler found this out. He had Rommel take a Pill to kill him. The reasoning was because Rommel was well respected and did not there be anger if people found out he killed him.

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