Dream project Emma Sebourn

AP Psychology

Day 1

I slept for 8 hours on this day, from 11pm to 7am.

Before I went to sleep, I was thinking about a lot of different things, such as what I did that day and what I would do tomorrow. I was also talking to my friend on the phone and fell asleep doing it.

I woke up a total of four times during the night, and I would rate the quality of sleep at about a 6/10.

I can recall a fragment of two dreams for this night.

One of these dreams has been a reoccurring nightmare ever since I was about three or four. It starts with me sitting on the floor on the basement. I am playing with knives, and it is very cold and dark. My back is facing towards my dad, who is asleep on a train table I used to play with. All of the sudden I hear a grandfather clock chime for midnight (the clock sounds exactly like the one at my grandparents house, and I hate going there), so I drop my knives and run over to my dad. I see that he is dead, and all of the sudden a ghost-like figure comes up from behind me and shoves me into the concrete basement wall so that I get knocked out, and then that's when I wake up.

The second dream consisted of me standing in the middle of a town square, and it was nighttime and very cold. There was no one there, but I knew that I was supposed to be meeting my friend (the same one that I was talking on the phone with when I fell asleep). It had been a while past when he said he would be there, so I called him and he said he was there, he just had been waiting for me. I told him that I did not see him, and he said he was looking for me. This confused me because there wasn't anyone where I was, and I was out in the open. He then said that the exact place I was in was very sunny and warm and there were a lot of people there. So even though this was the same place and the same time, it was not.

Day 2

I slept for four hours this day, from 11pm-12am, 2-3am, and 4-6am.

Again, I was thinking of the same things. What I did that day and what I planned for tomorrow.

I woke up a total of seven times that night.

I would rate the quality of this sleep at about a 3/10.

I only remember one dream for this night, and it was the same reoccurring dream from before (with my dad in the basement).

Besides this, I don't remember any of my dreams, or if I even had them in the first place.

Day 3

On day three, I slept for a total of 9 hours, from 12-9am.

I wasn't doing anything before I slept, but I was on the phone with my friend (same one as before).

I did not wake up at all this night.

I rate the quality of this night's sleep at 10/10.

I remember 2 dreams from this night as well.

The first was just the same dream as before, the reoccurring nightmare.

The second was a new one. I had a dream that I was very sick, laying on a leather couch that is in our family's living room. I was really hot so I was kind of sticking to the couch and I wasn't feeling good at all, so that friend (from before) had been putting cold cloths on my face in an attempt to cool me down because I had a fever. All I had was a really thin blanket, and I would switch from being very cold to being very hot.


Were there any common threads, common ideas, running through the journal?

I often was very cold in my dreams. In the reoccurring nightmare I am always very cold, and I wake up cold even though I shouldn't be (because of the temperature of the house, cloths I wear, blankets, etc.). The last one was a mix of being very hot and very cold with nothing in between, so a lot of my dreams contain instances of extreme temperatures.

Are your dreams bizarre? Mundane?

My dreams typically follow patterns (such as the temperatures previously mentioned) but sometimes they can be very bizarre and random but still with the same themes, such as loss or being alone.

Which dreams are most disturbing? Why? What do they mean to you?

The dreams where I am alone or when I lose someone (like the reoccurring nightmare with my dad or the one where I can't find my friend) are always the most disturbing and stressful to me. They happen a lot, abandonment and aloneness are major themes of my dreams in general, and these are also what bother me the most. To me, they represent aloneness, which isn't good for me. I am not very sociable with many people, and I am typically very shy, but I really truly depend on a handful of people like my family or really close friends so the thought of them leaving me does not play out well.

What common symbols or objects did you record? What do you think these symbols mean?

Were you able to control your dreams as you remembered more and more of them?

No, there are definitely times where I am aware that it is a dream but I still am not able to control them. For example, the reoccurring nightmare always makes me aware that I am dreaming, and I always know what will happen even though I can't do anything to stop it or control what I do.

How are your dreams relevant to your waking life?

I typically include people and aspects of my life into my dreams so the interactions that I experience in my dreams sometimes manipulates how I perceive those relationships.

Was the content of different journals identical on any days? What does this tell you?

I kept having the same reoccurring dream that I always do, almost every night since I was a lot younger. This may have been a bit more relevent in my past, but it includes a loss and loss is something I've always been very worried about, to this day, so that makes sense to me.

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