Dare to Compare: Donuts By Sydney Kaplan and phoebe mendelson

With the arrival of Donut Crazy near the Westport train station, many question whether or not it is worth all of the hype it’s been getting . We set out to investigate and compare two of the most popular donut places Westport has to offer: Donut Crazy and Coffee An' Donut Shop.

We started at Coffee An’, a favorite of many Westporters. Not only does this old time coffee shop serve delicious donuts, but they are also known for their classic breakfast dishes. As you walk into the quaint storefront, you are enveloped by the scent of chocolate donuts, hot coffee and bacon cooking on the back grill. The smells are reminiscent of a cozy Sunday morning with your family and friends. Not only is the food amazing here, but the employees are incredibly helpful and kind. It is an incredibly homey and welcoming restaurant and the food is delicious.

We ordered one chocolate glazed donut, one plain glazed donut, as well as a side of eggs and bacon. The doughnuts had a perfectly crispy glazed exterior, and the doughnut itself was light and fluffy with an immense amount of flavor. The eggs and bacon were an added bonus, and were perfectly cooked and delicious as well. Overall, our experience was a positive one and we have nothing but fantastic things to say about Coffee A’n.

According to Emily Schussheim ’17 her favorite things to get are eggs and bacon as well as the doughnuts. Schussheim started going there when her family moved to that area of Westport, “I moved in sixth grade and started going frequently then because it was close to my new house.”

In addition to Schussheim, there are many other students that are big fans of Coffee An’ Donut Shop. Michael Cantor ’18 has been going to the restaurant for years.

“I really like how it is a small place, and you know most of the people that go there because they are regulars. They also have the best donuts in the world,” Cantor ’18 said.

Next, we ventured to Donut Crazy. Upon walking in, the vibe was totally different than at Coffee An’.. It feels as though it’s a refurbished warehouse. The high ceilings and many doughnut themed decorations in the store makes for a very energetic and lively atmosphere. We ordered the all chocolate doughnut as well as the cannoli one. They were utterly delicious, but very different from the one at Coffee An’. These doughnuts were incredibly fluffy and flavorful. The all chocolate doughnut was very rich and coated in dark chocolate along with chocolate shavings. The cannoli doughnut was filled with cannoli filling and chocolate chips (an unbeatable combination). While they were delicious, they were a bit too big to finish.

Christine Taylor ’18 is a fan of Donut Crazy as well. She has had their doughnuts multiple times and has tried a variety of flavors.

“My favorite is the coffee cake donut and it was amazing. The cream cheese frosting really made the doughnut,” Taylor ’18 said.

Both Coffee An’ and Donut Crazy deserve all the praise they have received. While they are incredibly different doughnuts they both have great flavor profiles that leave their customers satisfied.

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