Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Timothy Holmes IUF2000

Nature On Display

Skeletal Exhibit: I found this design appealing because it had multiple skeletal bones of various animals that have become extinct and also some of how their shapes have evolved over time. Being that i was able to see these structures up close and personal, I found out how change over time impacts the way humans view animals that seem to be a bit odd in the present, even though they are the same animals from the past. I found this experience to be enjoyable because this was my first time ever visiting a museum and also being able to see skeletal bones that close up.

Nature and Ethics

Butterfly Exhibit: The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature, which includes love, respect, and admiration of the land. I felt amazed of how close the butterflies were to me and one of them even allowed me to touch its wings. As i went through the museum I thought about all the times I saw butterflies as a child growing up, and in this museum they were plentiful, but now as a young adult I don't see them as often. The others around me were in AWE! because of how the butterflies interacted with the other guests and also being able to watch one suck nectar from a flower. The museum allowed everyone to touch the insects, as long as you were gentle. Yes, my experience in the museum instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as it reconfirmed how important it is for each of us to know the natural history of living things.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Frog Exhibit: The Natural History Museum help us step out of our ordinary lives because it allows us to get a view of the things in the past and how it can impact the future. Being able to walk around each exhibit and learn about different animals that are extinct, different tactics humans used for hunting, and surviving. It helps us better understand by knowing the past and appreciating the future. Above in this photo, this was one the the tools used for hunting. Native Americans would use wooden sticks ( the size of a toothpick) and extract poison from frogs and blow the stick through this tube, aiming the tube at their dinner for that night.
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