Florida Museum of Natural History Xiao zhang - university of florida

The one thing that is particularly appealing to me is the Butterfly Rainforest, before I enter the rainforest, there are various colors; sizes of beautiful butterfly specimens displayed on top of the entrance on a high-definition TV, which shown all kinds of butterflies and their daily activities, before me and my friend can enter the rainforest, one of the staff members have asked us to not do anything harmful to the butterflies and the environment, as we enter the rainforest. I was very surprised because of the prosperity scene in front of me, flowing streams; elegant bridge; exuberant trees; and beautiful butterflies flying around under the sunny sky, I stay in the rainforest for about 30 minutes and literally took more than 50 pictures in the rainforest because I really love this place and don't want to miss any piece of the view, the scene also makes me felt more connected to the beautiful nature than ever before! I learned the natural world can be so peaceful and enjoyable that makes all my negative emotions went away so quickly, that which I have never thought before, also, I learned the living environments for other origins of people can be so much different from our environment today, and pieces of information about fossils and history of many kinds of animals are quick interesting to me, exhibits captured my attention by its sizes and appearance, brings up my curiosity about all kinds of animals and people who have existing before in real model that I cannot learn through the internet.

Yes, I do believe that we should viewing ourselves as members of the "biotic community" rather than as "conquers of the land" because animals, humans and all other living organisms are all parts of the world, world is not just belong to human beings, Natural History Museum does provide me the opportunity the experience the nature in a way that we all living in a big family and should not harm them or their environment because of it's economic value, we should be appreciate and feel lucky because the existing of different species surrounding us before, but the number of them are declining so fast, like common ground dove, brown pelican...I think that our nature is so creative and as I went through the museum, I think everyone is enjoy and feel curious about the nature as they went through the museum, my experience in the museum definitely increase my ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines, I believe we should use our power to protect and help the beautiful nature that's created not to destroy or harm our and other species environment just because of it's economic value, if we keep doing the harmful things to the nature, I believe the price we paid is far more than the dollars that we/society received.

Natural History Museum help us recognize the mystery and majesty of the Universe by showing us the mystery and majesty to us, I have learned so many informations and knowledge about species that have been existed before by fossils displayed and cultural difference between now and before, this experiences also increase my knowledge about our cultural origins, I was amazed by the creativity of the nature, and feels so guilty about what we have done to the environment and other species for our own goods, we should think beyond the money value of the culture also feel thankful because of our living environment, this experience help me understand that I should do whatever I can to save and protect other living organisms and keeps our nature colorful and meaningful for all species in the long run, and we should appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by protecting them and always try to make it better!

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