A Christian Survival Guide By: Dale Savage


The Romans are very dangerous. The romans believe in many different gods, not one. Don't be caught, or you will be executed!


Meetings will be held in a private house. Post guards to look out the windows and secure the building, but do this inconspicuously. Make sure you are not being followed when going to a meeting. Change up the meeting places. When one gets caught, all need to scatter and lay low for a while.


Be kind to others. To not be rowdy. Don't spill the beans. Your goal is to spread Jesus's mission. The House of God. Keep absolute secrecy. No, you cannot leave once you become one with the church.


You will receive messages through multiple contacts, very discretely. Use code words at all times. Create some of your own.


Have hope that in one day, we will be free. We will go to heaven if we continue to believe in God. Once we turn our backs on him, he will no longer help us. Everyone will have the same copy of the Bible.


The first time you will be forgiven. The second time, you will be sent into the desert, and there you will die.


To expand, we need to convert everyone we can. Sinners, Jews, whoever wants to become Christian. It is our mission to spread and to proclaim the good news of God. God has a plan for everyone, but you have the right to choose what you want. If you want to convert in, you are welcome. If you don't want to, that is fine.

Best Option

Christianity is the best option. It offers unity with one another, and with God. We are monotheist, revolutionizing religion for thousands of years to come. Believing in many gods becomes confusing, and the mythology is very vague. Our God is detailed, and that he loves us unconditionally. Believing will also bring prosperity as long as we believe.


The leader is of course the Pope. Second in command is the bishops. Then it is the Priest. Lastly, it is the deacons. Train future priests and people with what you have learned, and tell them everything is in the Bible.

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