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Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? Florence thought it was all in her head, but was it? In Mary Downing Hahn’s The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall, a ghost girl named Sophia wants her little brother James to die the same way she did, but James proves he’s not the one to die. So Sophia goes back to her grave. Then James gets healed from his sickness and they all became a normal family!

When Sophia fell off the roof after James proved that he wasn’t supposed to die, the antagonist is defeated by the protagonist. That part brought me some joy because Sophia was really getting on my nerves because she always had an attitude.

Never blame others for your mistakes. When Sophia tumbled off the roof, she got what she deserved.

This book is exceptional because it shows the faults of families and everyday life. The connections between these characters is just astonishing. Not every book really captures the real life drama but this one really taught me a lot about life.

People who like horror and thriller books will definitely love this novel.

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