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About My Culture

Cultural (Bhangra) Dance
My name is Parambir Aujla and I was born in Canada in the city of Etobicoke in on November 6th, 1996 and i have spent 6 years of my childhood in India since my parents wanted me as a child to experience what India looked like as i was still a kid. But after coming back to Canada to continue my education looking back to the Indian culture it has made a lot of changes that are happening in India. India has many creative cultures, religions, races and languages surrounding it, its known for its unity and diversity. Indian culture is known to be one of the most nurturing cultures and it remains to be fascinating for many people around the world. Many things that are in interest in India include unique Indian dresses, Delectable Indian food recipes, Indian music and each places has an exotic name that grabs the attention of many global interests.
Indian cultural Food
(Charka) Creation of Clothing
India believes in (Sarva Dharma) which means this country has respect for all cultural belief systems. Having done this allows tolerance for all of the religions and beliefs.

Current Specific Technology In India

Computer Gaming/ keyboarding
Technology has developed through the gaming industry in India, its known to be one of the most emerging industry ever predicted in India since 2017. Looking at the fact that this is such a trend setter studies have shown that more then 50% of the population are kids which makes the industry move in a rapid motion since there are online gaming, consoles, mobiles and other social media websites. To make technological gaming a bigger success the developers through gaming hold a possession of being creative and skillful.Since creating a game does not just involve a simple codding there are more strategic steps to follow since the gaming concept is developed from a recent origin. But to make the perfect gaming there are various challenges the gaming industry has to overcome. Moreover, the gaming industry in India can also have strategic amount of growth if the use of the internet and the digital amount of content of the different types of devices increase in a country like India.

Supporting Detail

This relates to my culture because it shows how technology has improved in today's society and how India it self is developing due to the fact that technology and the use of internet is being developed in a rapid motion by many of the skilled E commerce individuals who excel in using digital content and are cyborgs when it comes to the use of the internet and other technical features, which however my culture is thankful enough to have so they can stay updated and increase there learning abilities especially the younger generation since they are the ones who will learn and observe these new techniques and they will go on and as learned apply them into there future education system and career.
Advancement technology
I have chosen this as a perfect example for this topic since i believe that it covers the fact that how technology has increased in a different country, since i am studying a similar course that involves using technology in my everyday life i though that using the topic that talks about how technology has evolved in my cultural aspect would be a greater idea since it relates similarly towards how technology over here in Canada is evolving day by day. Except over here in Canada we are way more ahead and evolved already and they are just in the mid range of technology but still it shows how and what the steps they are taking towards creating technology greater each time.
Gaming Consoles
This is relevant and important to me since it not only helps me to realize and understand the development in my culture but it also helps society realize what the Indian culture is made of and how they were bore technology had even started and how the involvement has created such a unveiling design for the not just the people at India but for those who are far away from home that are from India.
If technology hadn't existed at all then the younger generation wouldn't master or accomplish many goals as they are doing now and most of the population would be a bunch of poor farmers since technology missing would decrease there chances to get educated and learn more new and innovative things over the internet like they are doing now. It would cut the chances of any younger generation person to go and get a job it would make it really hard and decrease the amount high paying jobs if they don't have cyborgs in India do get the job done.

Final Paragraph

Although the Indian culture was really ancient and antique back in the day as to many people doing things in really ancient manner which had made them work by using more of there hands and brain. But as far as technology has developed till date it has changed the way a regular person would do his or her work do to the fact that technology has developed overtime which brought many individuals who are trained professionals to make gaming , phones and the internet and resource for people to use so they can either get there work done easier and faster or simply just enjoy technology with gaming and other fun stuff added towards it.

Creative Part

I chose to do this online tool since i really never created something so interesting and so technical, looking at this website just makes me feel so excited since i am trying something new and i am learning something which hasn't been taught to me before. By creating this tool not only give me the excitement in doing this but it was way easier then the previous tools i have ever used in all of my course history. Having said that i would recommend someone to use this since it gives the opportunity to expand and use creativeness along wit the wording, thus i never need to go to any other cite to get pictures since it had everything in needed all in one site and visible.


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BY: Parambir Aujla

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Parambir Aujla


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