The respiratory system By Emma Torkelson

Diagram of the respiratory system


Trachea: Carries air in and out

Bronchi: Is the main passageway into the lungs

Lungs: move your oxygen to many parts of the body

Alveoli: Air sack in the lungs

Diaphragm: A muscle that helps you move your breath go in and out.

Pharynx: Tubes that go down the stomach and lungs.

Larynx: vocal cords so you can talk.

Oral Cavity: you can taste your food.

Nasal Cavity: you can breath and smell out of your nose.

How to take care of your body parts of the respiratory system

Trachea: Do not try to break your neck because if you feel the front of your neck you can feel a big bump that is your trachea.

Bronchi: Do not plug the entrance of the lungs.

Lungs: NEVER do any drugsand NEVER smoke any sigoretts.

Alveoli: do not try to to hold your breath to long.

Diaphram: Workout and run to get it stronger.

Pharynx: Don't hit your stomach.

Larynx: Use voice at good times or times you need to use your voice.

Oral Cavity: Brush your teeth.

Nasal Cavity: Blow your nose.

Bonus respiratory system For kids

A video of the respiratory system

Location Of the respiratory system and what it is

Trachea: in the front of your throat. The Trachea is a big hollow windpipe.

Bronchi: right above the stomach. The Bronchi is a muscle.

Lungs: around the outside of your stomach. The Lungs are tubes that help you breath.

Alveoli: underneath the Bronchi. Alveoli are little sacs in the lungs.

Diaphragm: underneath the stomach. The diaphragm is a layer of muscle.

Pharynx: near the stomach.the pharynx is mainly part of the digestive system.

Larynx: in the lower part of your throat. The larynx is a airway.

Oral cavity: on your face. The Oral Cavity is your mouth.

Nasal cavity: over your oral cavity. The Nasal Cavity is your nose.


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