Native Americans the tragedy of Alcoholism

Violence is much more common in families who abuse alcohol. Alcohol consumption raises allegations of domestic violence and child abuse, and manipulative behaviors. Strangely, research shows that abuse and violence are not caused by alcohol - which means a bottle of liquor, technically, can not make someone violent. That research shows that when people believe that alcohol eliminates inhibition. Thus, feeling the violence with is rationalized the use of alcohol.

Children of alcoholics may be affected by a father's or mother's alcoholism in several ways. Having a problem-drinking parent increases the risk of becoming a problem drinker oneself. This may happen because of identification with or imitation of the alcoholic parent. It may happen because the social and family conditions associated with alcoholism are among those believed to contribute to the development of alcoholism.

The nervous system may suffer serious damage from chronic alcoholism, causing physical as well as behavioral problems. Some brain cells die, producing memory loss, confusion, and learning difficulties. Neuritis and impaired vision are also common, probably due to vitamin B deficiencies. It is characterized by neuritis, visual problems, lack of coordination, and other symptoms.

The consequence when consuming a lot of alcohol can affect losses of relatives like for example in an accident and many illnesses that alcohol has .... this makes connection with the life of junior because all his family were alcoholic but that did not affect him in leaving With your studies .....

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