Shamrock Island Type of Government: Democrac


Shamrock Island was created when the Irish came to America. They took over Hawaii in the late 1930's. Shamrock Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and their average temperature during the summer is around 90 degrees, and during the winter the average temperature is around 70 degrees. The one major land form is the Clover Tree, a tree covered with Shamrocks, that is dedicated to the Irish citizens that have passed away.

Executive Branch

On Shamrock Island, one person is in charge, and they are called the Sham. They are allowed to create laws, publish treaties or agreements with other countries, and the Clover also act as the chief of military services. The Clover cannot write reviews, sent someone to jail for no reason, and they cannot approve the laws they create.

Legislative Branch

On Shamrock Island, the leader of the legislative branch is the Shamrock. Their is one legislative house (unicameral) called Green Leaf. The Shamrock is allowed to approve laws, write reviews, and have congress writers. The Shamrock cannot create treaties with other countries, act as chief of military forces, and can't appoint diplomats to represent Shamrock Island in other countries.

Judicial Branch

On Shamrock Island, the leader of the judicial branch is the Castle. They are allowed to send people to jail, make decisions that include major crime, and make choices on cases being appealed. What they are not allowed to do is make laws, publish treaties or agreements with other countries, and act as the leader of military services.

Power & Major Issues

On Shamrock Island, the Clover is the leader. They help people with their finances, etc. The judicial, legislative, and executive branches help balance each other out by one being able to do things that the others cannot do. For example, the leader of the executive branch can act as chief of military services as of where the legislative and judicial branches cannot. Some major issues on Shamrock Island are littering and child abuse. People are trying to stop littering by putting up signs. The executive and legislative branches are trying to work together by creating laws of where if the police see someone littering that they have the right to have the person pay a fee.

What to Know

Shamrock Island and Ireland have created many treaties over the years with many other countries. They have treaties with Spain, Greece, the U.S, Australia, Belgium, China, and India. In other words, Shamrock Island gets along with other countries, and when in need of supplies they just have to ask one of the other countries.

Economy & Language

On Shamrock Island, the popularity extends to almost over 100,000 people. With everyone hopefully paying taxes the government should have a pretty large economy. With so many people living on the island it is hard to have space for crops and farmland, so they import crops from other countries. People on the island are required to take an Irish language class as part of their education.


People often come to Shamrock Island to visit the museums, the Castles, and the Clover Tree. People can often stay at a castle that is open for visitors, or at a house on the beach.


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