Ireland By hannah sherrod

Ballynahinch Castle

This mid 1700's castle caught my internist for several reasons. One of those reasons being that it not only has a great deal of history, it is also a hotel. This castle has received many awards including a four star ratting and 2012 hotel of the year. Another reason that this hotel caught my attention is that this hotel has many activities that include of fishing, hiking, and cycling. The third reason that this castle caught my internist is that they have rooms and dinner tables available to be looking out on the river. The rooms are also relatively reasonably priced at around $265 a night.

Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is an old myth that whoever kisses the stone will have great conversation skills in all areas. To kiss the Blarney stone you must turn upside down and be assisted over a small hole to get to the stone. As some would put it, blarney means flattery flavored by humor. I want to go to the blarney stone because it is a fun and exciting thing to be up that high and upside down. This is fairly popular thing to go up to the blarney stone, but it would still be amazing to go.


The cotswolds are an area of land in northern Ireland where there are little spots where there are villages, but mostly its open land that is, in the most part, untouched. I want to visit the cotswolds because I feel that it would be sort of a surreal experience. This is a side of nature that us city folk don't usually get to see, with all of the original landscape. This place was very important for the wool trade in the middle ages. To create these buildings they used yellow limestone called cotswolds. Many famous people have purchased second homes here including JK Rowling.


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