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Software and services with a broad spectrum of features to support, digitalize and make technical, operational and compliance processes more efficient throughout a vessel’s entire life cycle.

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a meaningful step forward

Nowadays all activities in the marine field can take great advantage from the use of software tools: from sophisticated calculation software to onboard decision making tools, computer applications have and will ever more change the way marine jobs are performed. With the aim of fulfilling suggestions received from its stakeholders, RINA started developing a wide variety of services related to software, focusing on technical and management solutions in the marine industry, aimed at improving the business efficiency of its customers.

RINA has recently taken an equity stake in IB, a specialist Italian asset management solutions software company. This close partnership will provide the shipping industry with a unique asset management software solution and a range of consultation services for all vessel types. The acquisition follows a long period of close cooperation between the two companies, which led to the development of InfoSHIP®EGO software solution for energy governance from 2013 onwards.

For more than 30 years IB has been dedicated to the planning, production, distribution and development of world class marine maintenance software. In addition to this, it also provides organizational consulting for the technical management of strategic assets. Now together with IB, RINA has made a meaningful step forward in providing its customers with strengthened expert IT skills internationally.

The e-navigation approach of supporting and improving decision-making through maritime information management, together with the enhancement of the functionality and performance of the software tools already released, is the foundation on which our future objectives will be built.
InfoSHIP®: the Fleet Technical Management Software

the InfoSHIP family

The InfoSHIP Suite provides software and services with a broad spectrum of features to support, digitalize and make technical, operational and compliance processes more efficient throughout a vessel’s entire life cycle. Every single product is subdivided into different modules and have the potential to be installed and implemented together or separately, according to the needs. In addition, all products and modules can be easily integrated with pre-existing systems.

Objective: The InfoSHIP suite provides products and services based on the requirements of ship owners and operators in the maritime industry and to continuously support them, with a special attention to the customer. The service level of this support is more than a partnership, it is an approach which is 100% integrated in IB’s business model: being a partner more than a software vendor.

Leading principle: offering a complete solution which takes into account the daily operations of crew and onshore staff and paves the way for InfoSHIP customers to improve their processes. Thanks to joint activity with RINA, InfoSHIP guarantees a never-ending evolution and all necessary updates required by new rules and changes coming from the market and regulations.

Who benefits? InfoSHIP has been designed to support top management, technical, marine operators, safety & environmental, energy, risk management, compliance, purchasing, cost control, ITs, logistics, and port operators.

Energy efficiency on board

InfoSHIP®EGO, Energy Governance, is the fastest growing fleet performance monitoring tool on the market. Developed by RINA in cooperation with IB Software and Consulting, it was first installed in 2014 and is now on board more than 130 ships with over 100 more installations ordered. The software has an exciting roadmap of new features to be delivered in the coming releases that will make InfoSHIP® EGO a superlative tool for fleet performance management at an unrivaled value for money.


InfoSHIP®EGO has a wide variety of features to effectively monitor fleet performance: real time data acquired by sensors are continuously benchmarked against targets in order to promptly recognize maintenance needs from arising inefficiencies. Pop-up or e-mail alerts can be configured and triggered for all the logical conditions that a user may request, voyages and ports are automatically detected by the system as well as ECA/SECA areas and channels. Optimum operational parameters are suggested to personnel on board in order to reduce fuel consumption.


InfoSHIP®EGO is always recording: at sea, maneuvering or drifting, and in port. This great amount of data, compared to the de facto maritime standard of noon reports, allows applying machine learning techniques in order to understand how the ship behaves in terms of propulsive power and fuel consumption in the different loading and environmental conditions the ship is deployed in. RINA provides data analytics services as well as CFD simulations in order to provide even more value to InfoSHIP®EGO customers.


More and more regulations are coming from flag administrations, the EU and IMO. InfoSHIP®EGO is a powerful tool to collect reliable data from ships, organize and analyze the information in a data warehouse ashore, and output raw or processed data according to a standard template or a custom one requested by the customer.

  • Fuel savings of up to 10% achievable through systematic use of InfoSHIP®EGO applied with trim and speed optimization, real time monitoring and alerting features.
  • An effective way to be compliant with SEEMP and MRV regulation in order to monitor the savings of any proposed action and to have all the data to be reported fast and easily.
  • Aids refitting actions such as reblading, silicon painting or ESD installation by evaluating the real payback period of the investment in the long-term.
  • Thanks to big data, being able to really understand how each ship of the fleet behaves in different loading and environmental conditions is paramount, in order to perform an optimal deployment of different ships over commercial routes.
  • Transparency for contractual counterparties: all the parties involved in ship trading operations have a clear and unique view of the performances of the ship and its fuel consumption.
  • Reports fuel consumption costs together with all technical and operational parameters with more reliability and accuracy than standard noon reports based on one single data entry over a whole day.

Beyond paper: InfoSHIP®ELB. Traditional logbooks have always been used on vessels to document internal activities for different aims, such as to comply with the rules, communicate with the authorities, etc. In a world that is placing evermore emphasis on sustainable practices, InfoSHIP ELB has been designed to electronically record the daily operations on-board and to replace many of the traditional paper logbooks. In addition to this, it aims to connect this information to the offices which currently have no direct access to the hardcopies on-board. It is important that some of this data would be available for double checking by people ashore in order to reduce the risk of possible fines or major non-conformities (e.g. some data included in the Oil Record Book). For this reason, InfoSHIP ELB has been designed to allow all users to improve their record keeping operations to comply with regulations and it is conceived in order to be able to control data coherence ensuring that the info herein inserted is reliable.


Oil Record Books (ORB) collect sensitive data making the use of good tools to protect the crew and company valuables. InfoSHIP®ELB-ORB management has been developed according to international regulations (IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS Code, STCW-95) and it represents the electronic replacement of the Oil Record Book Part I. It is intended to prevent missing ORB data reported on board, failure to document entries in the ORB, falsification of log entries and discrepancies between entries into the ORB.


The attention paid to Bilge and Sludge Management (BSM) and its simplification is particularly high due to its importance in terms of reporting, control from the office, its environmental impact and for the reduction of possible infringements of regulations. It is a module designed to support vessels for BSM reporting by helping users to fill in the information in a controlled and safe way. It is specifically concieved for common tank operations such as daily soundings and monitoring the congruence between the production of bilge and sludge and the current storage capacity of the ship.

Data accessibility

The adoption of InfoSHIP®ELB allows all data recorded on-board to be automatically transferred on-shore for analysis and control. The data is collected and stored in a single repository for further statistical evaluations, dashboards, what-if analyses, etc. An option to extract the data of InfoSHIP®ELB is possible for ship owners in cases the data is requested by authorities.

Some of the benefits of ELB include:

Information recording

InfoSHIP®ELB is able to report any operation that is carried out on board the vessel; the reports are readily available when they need to be reviewed and they attest the proper execution of the ship activities. The software system avoids redundancy of information, enhances the use of the information recorded and reduces the possibility of human error.

Safe and smart use of data

InfoSHIP®ELB proactively helps ship owners comply with regulatory requirements by providing internal controls during data entry operations. This helps prevent missing data, typing errors, logical errors, etc. Moreover, the system is conceived to reduce double entries: re-use of data has been applied across the logs in order to allow users to simply acknowledge and confirm the entry of pre-inserted information for different operations (or imported from external sources).

Time saving

InfoSHIP®ELB simplifies the data entry activity; daily reporting tasks become drastically less time consuming, consequently reducing the workload of the officers on-board.



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