Monthly newsletter January-March

Chinese New Year

International awareness was addressed on January through the Chinese New Year. KG students became open-minded and inquirers by discovering China in its different aspects. They were also risk takers in marching in front of the other kindergarten and primary classes.

The dragon dance has no secrets for them !

Environment day in primary

Our primary and MYP students had the chance to participate on January in the environment day organized under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment in the main street of Zahraa El Maadi, in order to plant trees.

This day allowed the students to take care of the nature and their health. They showed sensibility and responsibility.

The beautiful feathers of C4 meet the author of the ramparts "Michèle Foulain"

On January the students of C4 had the opportunity to welcome the French and Falklands writer Michèle Foulain (as part of a literature writing workshop) who is the author of the "Ramparts".

As soon as the date of Ms.Foulain's visit was announced, the C4 who want to be researchers were guided by their teachers and have decided to prepare themselves for it.Research, activities and discussions, among others, have largely enabled the students to discover the writer's journey. "Students, you know my biography more than I do!" Exclaimed Michèle Foulain.

During the workshop, the writer was fascinated by our budding literaries who asked her many questions around the techniques of storytelling. In addition, the students showed a literary sensitive, a creative spirit and collaborative skills during the writing activity that Ms.Foulain proposed to them, especially that it motivated them by promising to publish the texts that would please on the Facebook page. In fact, the students' work has had a huge impact on Ms. Michèle, who fortunately affirmed "I admire this bond between the students and appreciate their work created with passion."

Finally, the school would like to thank and congratulate the group of C4 volunteers who really showed altruism by participating in the organization of the workshop.

With their video and their handmade gifts, they spoiled the author.

It should be noted that Ms. Foulain appreciated this day spent among young Oasis students so much that she mentioned it on her Facebook page.

Meeting with the author Rim Mourad

As part of their work unit in the Arabic language, C2 students met the writer Rim Mourad who told them about her personal experience with the writing and the style that she adapted in several of her works.

Stories of our MYP students while traveling !

We come back this year with new adventure learning challenges during which our students had new experiences allowing them to develop their "ATL" skills (teaching and learning skills) and the IB learner profile.

C1 - Trip to Aswan, Gharb Soheil Island, from 17th to 21st February

Our students have participated in different sports and cultural activities such as sand boarding and visiting the Nubien Museum, kayak, camping, treasure hunt... We are sure that they will have good memories.

C2 and C3 - Trip to Morocco, from 16th au 21st February

Our C2 and C3 MYP students flew to Morocco. Our little athletes went kayaking, hiking at Mount Michlifen and climbing. They also attended a first aid workshop and guided tours of Rabat.

C4 - Trip to Jordan, from 16th to 21st February

Our older students went to Jordan where they participated in sensational activities ! Ranger adventure camps and tree climbing. The students have outdone themselves! Jerash Village and Amman tours closed this beautiful trip.


On January, our D1 students went to a trip to the Netherlands to attend The THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) conference. The conference is a five-day simulation of the United Nations for secondary school students. It takes place each year in the World Forum Convention Center in The Hague.

Our students researched a country, took on roles as diplomats, investigated international issues, debated, deliberated, consulted, and then developed solutions to world problems.

During the conference, the students employed a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. These skills included public speaking, group communication, research, policy analysis, active listening, negotiating, reaching consensus, conflict resolution, note taking, and technical writing.

Visite Instiututo Cervantes

D1 Spanish ab initio students visited and did some fun activities at the Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Cultural Center). A presentation was made by Mrs Julia Marin Gutierrez (Teaching and Learning Coordinator) about the impact of the Spanish language on the world and the courses the Instituto offers. Students have also visited the Library "Adolfo Bloy Casares" presented by Mrs Ana Isabel Del Puerto Gil. All the presentations were conducted in Spanish and students did an excellent job practicing what they have learned in class. Bravo ! Buen trabajo chicos !

UN IOM Agency

During February, we had the honor to welcome high level representatives from the UN IOM Agency (United Nations International Organization for Migration) in Egypt, Mr. Dabizzi and Ms Grazi, to conduct a "Round table" for D1 students about important IB topic.

Mr Dabizzi said : ‘I am not here to give you a lecture, but to make you reflect on why people need or is forced to leave their own country’. It was a successful session of learning, reflecting and interaction, not only for students, but also for teachers who actively participated as well. This will be the first, but not the last for this kind of events.

Theory of Knowledge (TDC)

For its 9th edition, The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) forum was a great success. The students of D1 in charge of organizing and moderating provided remarkable work and promoted debates around Art, Culture, Language and History.

It was also an opportunity to allow MYP students, more and more numerous each year, to participate and familiarize themselves with the issues and questions of TOK, the subject at the heart of the diploma.

Some C3 students notably illustrated and were elected best delegates. Congratulations to them !