Morrie had always asked Mitch about his wife in previous chapters. Finally, Janine eventually came over to Morrie's house, and met him. When they got there, Mitch saw Connie bring food to Morrie, and noticed that Connie did not bring the foods that he had brought Morrie that morning. Morrie had started up conversation with Janine, and asked her to sing for him. Janine sang for him, and she sang to him sweetly. Mitch talked about how his generation had a problem with Marriage, and how many people would end up divorcing in a short time of them being together. Then Morrie ends up talking about how young people do not know much about themselves, and that ends up messing up their relationship. He also talks about Charlotte; he talks about how appreciative he is of her, and how much marriage affects his life.

Janine, Morrie, and Mitch


"Love each other, or perish" (Albom 149).

Morrie blowing out his nose.


Morrie teaches Mitch that marriage is not just about feelings for one person, but it is also about respect, and common values. He teaches Mitch that there is a lot of work that needs to be put into a marriage for one to work out.

Mitch fixing Morrie's glasses.


Food is always a major symbol in Tuesdays with Morrie. Food symbolizes Mitch’s and Morrie’s past at Brandeis, and how Mitch is trying to hold onto the past. This is shown when Mitch watches Connie bring Morrie his food, which was not the food that he had gotten that morning for Morrie.

Morrie and Mitch

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