Artists in Residence 2018/2019 A year in review

What a year we've had!

Schools, artists, supporters and friends of AiR, what a tremendous year we have had and for that we need to thank you all.

AiR has supported 29 extraordinary and individualised projects with schools this year, across an eclectic range of art forms - from music to dance, to drama to art.

It has been a wonderful journey where we have inspired and directly engaged with nearly 2000 students and their school communities.

Below is a small collection of just some of the residencies that have been completed this year.

The Story Drawing Club at Preston Park Primary

Story drawing club worked with Preston Park Primary to run story writing and illustration workshops. Pictured are the students reading the stories and illustrations they have created as beautiful printed books.

"Having professionals come into school demonstrates that the Arts are actually a career option. AiR brings the arts right down to ground level. It is simply brilliant."
"I would recommend AiR to all schools. They have an important part to play in the much-anticipated resurgence of the arts in schools!"

Cinta Miller at Alperton Community School

Cinta Miller, a creative director within the fashion industry and celebrity make-up artist, worked with the students of Alperton Community School on a sustainable fashion project. The students created beautiful garments from recycled materials.

"What an amazing opportunity to engage students and get them excited about textiles and career prospects!"
"Cinta gave me the power and encouragement to be creative" - Alperton CS student

Alexander Newley at Kilburn Park Foundation School

Fine artist Alexander Newley worked with the students of Kilburn Primary to develop their in-depth professional art techniques.

"You have all been so supportive, organised and thorough in everything you have done! I hope we have the opportunity to continue."

Alistair Lambert at Grange Primary

Alistair Lambert worked with both Year 1 and Year 6 students at Grange Primary to produce a large contemporary art piece that the Year 6's could leave as their legacy.

"We heard a child look up and say - 'Ah they made it, it's so beautiful!'"

Andrew Hammond at Fleet Primary

Author and illustrator Andrew Hammond worked with the students of Fleet Primary on comic book writing and illustration.

"The project saw children that are often very shy having the confidence to share their ideas."

Armando Alemdar at Featherstone High School

Fine artist Armando Alemdar worked with the students of Featherstone on painting techniques and helped them work on their own art styles in the run up to their art exams.

"Armando has been pivotal in giving the students the confidence to strive for higher grades."

Fertile Ground at Lansbury Lawrence

Fertile Ground dance instructors Renaud and Gosia choreographed a dance for the students of Lansbury Lawrence ahead of their end of year show and ran contemporary dance workshops for the students.

"The project was bespoke and sensitive to our school's particular needs. It felt very special."
"We will use this project as part of our Artsmark case study submission. The project has inspired us to include dance more within our performance opportunities and has up-skilled our teachers with the confidence to do so."

Gary Drostle at Lilian Baylis

'King of Mosaic' Gary Drostle has been showcasing his work and running mosaic workshops with the students of Lilian Baylis.

"The pupils adored the artist. He provided a great source of inspiration and confidence to take risks in their own work in order to create successful outcomes."

Mark Wallinger at Acland Burghley

Mark Wallinger has been working with the students of Acland Burghley as they prepare to cover a local bridge in art. They have developed their concepts around the idea of the bridge bridging the community. They hope to begin covering the bridge in the new term.

"Having an artist in residence as celebrated as Mark provides an incredible example of the accessibility of art and creativity as a career choice."

Michael Attenborough at Greig City

Michael lives and breathes Shakespeare and has brought performances to some of the world's biggest stages. He shared his knowledge of Macbeth to the students of Greig City as they worked though the text in energy-filled workshops.

"The project produced insight, appreciation of detail, textual analysis, motivation and inspiration for what is possible within the subject."

Canada's National Arts Centre Orchestra (NACO) at Alperton Community School

NACO visited Alperton Community School with the aim of showcasing their talents and demonstrating to the students the opportunities available as professional musicians. The students were blown away by their talents and the sessions produced some interesting discussions.

"There was a great energy in the room and some interesting discussions were had on career opportunities within music."

Pragya Kumar at Davies Lane

Pragya worked with 90 students from Davies Lane Primary to produce 'Recreate', an exhibition of artwork made entirely from recycled materials. The exhibition included jewelry, pen holders and coasters.

"The children have grown in confidence and have a deeper and wider understanding of the arts."
"The AiR partnership was more than a success, it was life changing for all children involved."

Rowland and Eva at Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children

Filmmakers Rowland and Eva worked with the students of Frank Barnes on filmmaking techniques. The students produced stop motion movies using their favourite toys.

"The children learnt that we each can express ourselves in any way and learnt how to utilise their creative thinking skills."

Sarah Pimenta at Foxfield Primary

The children and parents of Foxfield Primary worked with Sarah to produce a large banner to be hung in the school entrance. The students used various painting and printing techniques to produce an environmental themed piece which featured the words 'Agents of Change' across it.

"Everyone has been so amazed with such a quality outcome which is linked to our global curriculum and School Development Plan."

Tom Seligman at Pimlico Academy

Conductor Tom Seligman worked with the young musicians of Pimlico academy. The workshops ended with the students having the chance to sit in on a Kensington Symphony Orchestra (KSO) rehearsal.

"The opportunity to work with Tom and the KSO is an experience the students will not forget."

Sinead McCarthy at Lea Valley Primary

Sinead worked with the students of Lea Valley to produce some large scale art that would be a permanent fixture of the school hall.

"The students have produced a wonderful collaborative piece that is on display for all."

To be a part of the programme please head to our website: artistsinresidence.org.uk

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