Super Marketing Metros guide to claiming more space within a supermarkets front of house.

What is Metro Super Marketing?

Super Marketing is Metro's process for communicating to grocery store owners, managers, or buyers "Why Metro DropMat Shelving is the right choice for Increasing profits, maximizing frontage, creating a unique look, and saving re-set time."

It’s easy as...


We can increase capacity by up to 30% by gaining an additional shelf per aisle.

DropMat Supermarket Shelving

  • 1" Adjustability: Unlike traditional gondola shelving, Metro DropMat adjusts in 1" increments to allow for maximum space efficiency.
  • Eliminate Gondola Space Eating Design: Metro’s space-saving advantage is Drop Mat’s “thin shelf” design (1/4" versus 1-1/2"). DropMat eliminates the need for space robbing under-shelf supports and bulky shelf brackets, reclaiming 20% of your merchandising space. Back-to-back, DropMat saves yet more space. Reclaim up to 10% additional space by eliminating traditional gondola's center support structure.
  • Simple & Quick to Adjust: Shelf supports snaps into the post, allowing instant shelf adjustment. You can set, re-set in a flash while not removing product from shelves above or below. Think of the time saved!
Would you like to be able to adjust shelves without removing items above and below?


Would you abandon traditional gondola shelving for 20% more profits?

Profits— In a business of super-tight margins every advantage counts.

  • More Products Per Foot: When customers are faced with products the higher the chance of purchase.
  • The look that sells: Unique upscale feel creates separation between you and other common supermarket settings. Shelving style attracts attention and generates a proven increase in customer purchase behaviors.


* $30 per linear foot [average sales per week in all categories]. ** With calculated 23% average gross margin calculated, $110.40/week gross margin increase.


Let me show you some of our partners who are really cleaning up in sales and profits.

“Our new installation of Metro Shelving gives us a unique, high-end look, and it holds more product than conventional shelving.”

“The end result is both an operational and aesthetic winning solution.”

Tom Clark — President, Clarks Market

“In a standard size store, we increased our new items by 3,000 units by using Metro shelving instead of traditional gondola shelving.”

Roger J. Lowe, Jr. — CEO, Lowe’s Market

Busch’s Fresh Food Market - Wixom, MI

“We were able to reduce the sales floor space used by the center of the store and still maintain our SKU count with little exception.”

“With Metro shelving, moving the shelf position is much easier than it is with Lozier style of gondola. In most cases you can adjust the shelving without removing the product which is a big time saver.”

Ken Gravitt — Category Project Manager, Busch’s Fresh Food Market

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