Mesozoic era By: austin Sanders

The mesozoic era contains 3 periods in itself.

The Jurassic
Triassic period
And Cretaceous period

This era has a lot of reptiles. It also has the extinction of dinosaurs.

This era is known as the age of reptiles.

The era was mostly warmer and dryer than today

A lot of the marine life at the beginning of this era died out.

Near the end of the Mesozoic era the super continent pangea formed

During this era the biggest extinction occurred

The age of dinosaurs saw over 1000 new species

The Mesozoic era lasted 180 million years

In this era many invertebrates evolved or advanced

By the end of the era the super continent pangea split into 7 different continents

This era had a lot of big vertabrates roaming around

The sea level in the Jurassic was rising

The cause of the rising sea level was the sea flor rising

During this time most of earths atmosphere was made up of co2 so man couldn't live on earth at this time

The Jurassic period had more animals than dinosaurs

The Cretaceous period land was covered with trees surrounded by oceans

At the end of the Mesozoic era most of the life on earth went extinct


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