Summer 2020

Inside This Issue:
  • Customer Stories: AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.
  • Agronomy Plus: A deep dive into compaction PLUS How starter fertilizer benefits your bottom line.
  • Trending: Cover crops pay off PLUS How to install a dry hydrant at your farm pond.
AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.

Farm Direct, Southern-Style

Comfortable cows, grassroots marketing and Southern hospitality helped Franks Farms turn a corner when the going got tough.

Quality is their business, and has been since 2010, when Franks Farm changed its business model from a standard co-op dairy to a premium dairy selling its own exclusive products direct to consumers, restaurants, stores and institutions.

Changing a business model doesn’t happen overnight, and these farmers say it was a long process, and that they had to feel their way.

The Massey Ferguson 5712SL and 4180v Baler: The Best Hay in the Barn

This cattleman is convinced: Massey Ferguson is the brand that helps him put up the best hay, from mowing to raking to baling. SEE THE STORY

Legacy With The Land

Ryan Davidson’s road to success winds through five generations and two life-altering personal challenges. Legacy is what inspires him to move forward.

It’s nothing new for farmers to make tough decisions. And the nature of the business is such that those decisions are often informed by—and carry the weight of—generations of wisdom and stewardship. But what if two prior generations of wisdom leave the farm suddenly, leaving a young farmer to move forward? And what if a remaining parent is, also suddenly, called upon to save that young farmer’s life?

Setting A Trend With Fendt Tractors

This early adopter of the Fendt platform says its efficiency, reliability and versatility are turning heads. SEE THE STORY

Our experts share solutions for getting the most from your equipment, and the most ROI.

A Deep Dive into Soil Compaction

Compaction has many forms and causes. Knowing the types and how to avoid them can help prevent losses in yield and ROI.

How To Test for Soil Compaction

A few minutes in the field can help you diagnose a costly, yield-robbing problem that may be invisible on the surface. SEE THE STORY

The Case for Starter Fertilizer

New planter and application technology can lighten the load of applying starter fertilizer at planting for higher yield and drier grain at harvest.

The Return On Investment for Starter Fertilizer in Corn

Does starter fertilizer get worthwhile results in corn? Here’s an agronomist’s close look at the process and the payoff. SEE THE STORY

Topics that shape agriculture and your life on the land.

Making Cover Crops Pay Off

You already know using cover crops improves soil health. But what does the practice mean to your bottom line?

Install a Dry Hydrant For Your Farm Pond

Whether for livestock watering or light irrigation, this dry hydrant will be a handy addition to your pond. Here are the steps to build it, and the equipment you’ll need.