3D Printing BY: Adam B

I got the idea to make a keychain is because of all the keychain spots on my back pack and i thought it would look perfect on my backpack. The story behind it is that my name is Adam (as you saw on the title page) and the 610 represents both of my soccer jersey numbers combined.. The ideas that I wanted show was my name and the 610 because that was what i wanted to make it about. I didn't search for anything to find inspiration i just used what i knew about myself to create this

What i did for my design was i first thought out what i was going to create and i kind of sketched out in my head the design i thought of as my design. After all that i went into tinker cad and i put down all the shapes and the text and the grouped it all together and i was pretty much done with my design, all i needed to do now was print it on the 3D printer. I knew that my design would print well because everything was connected to the base and it would be really easy to print. I didn't research any pictures to find a idea for my 3D print to modify for my 3D print. First my whole project was floating above the workspace so the project would be floating so I had fix that so it would be on the workspace and not floating when I printed it. My idea changed when i realized that it was going to have to be smaller so i had to change a bunch of the designs because there was to much to fit on the keychain at that size.
How I got my design in the makerbot app was i saved my STL on a flash drive, plugged it into the laptop and dragged the STL into the Makerbot app. I modified my design by resizing it into the size where it wouldn't be to big, and it wouldn't take to long to print.
The way the 3D printer works is that you have to preheat the printer but if there is filament already in the 3D printer than you have to scroll down and select unload, once you have unloaded the filament you put new filament in the printer, import your design in the makerbot app and start printing. How you l had the filament is you press preheat unload the filament if there is any filament in the printer and insert the element once the other filament is out of the printer. What was unexpected about the projects the fact that it only took 15 minutes to print. I was not here when my keychain finished printing so Ms. Kushner used tool to get the printing off the raft.
My projected not turn out the way that i planned because my arrowhead thesis of my design and the keychain hole both fell off of the final print when we were trying to get the design off of the raft but the design still turned out well. What i was most proud of about this design was the way the letters and numbers turned out they armor clear read then i would of ever thought they would be. What i would do differently next time is maybe reinforce my arrowhead and my keychain hole but everything turned out almost perfect. The most interesting part was probably when its was printing because it its really cool how the printer prints because of the way it applies the filament. The most difficult parts probably topping off the edges to the design where the filament was really rough and i had to burn the filament enough so it wasn't going to burn the base. My final thoughts on the project are that 3D printing is really fun making the design in tinkercad and actually watching the printing process, I recommend the 3D printing option too all upcoming 6th graders.

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