AGP Learning Journal

For assignments.

Assignment 1 was frustrating, but I eventually figured out how to make some changes.

Assignment 2: Dragged my feet on this. I am not a graphic designer, which is probably the point of taking this course, so it's hard for me to make info for a fictional band, let alone a poster. I'm putting things off until the last minute; also - FY for one project and finals for students have begun, so it's a time crunch.

I completed both assignments. They are alright, and I'm glad to be done. They aren't as flashy or pretty as others I've seen, but I'm more minimal. Both are posted below.

Assignment #1 - Recipe Card
Assignment #2 - Music/Band Poster

Learning Reflection:

1. What I've learned - I don't do anything creative any more. I should change this.

2. How did it feel to be a student? Frustrating. I am detail oriented and felt like I wasn't getting any details on how ID worked, just videos. My brain doesn't work like that.

3. What worked for me? Just leaving the program alone and trying things out randomly. Also, Google.

4. What was difficult? Trying to figure out how things work in ID. It seemed like everyone else had been using the program and other Adobe products much more and much longer that me. It felt like "Well. Why am I here? This isn't for beginners."

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