Pokemon NO! By mitchell baylis

Pokémon GO has always been a popular game. But will the popularity flop after its new (ish) release? The game tracks your location, leading to kidnaps. You can die because you aren't looking were you're going. And ,"There's a Pikachu in there!" is not an excuse for trespassing on private property.

Because people can access your location, it just makes it easier for crooks to kidnap (see above) They just look for players and the next day that unlucky and stupid player is gone. Kidnapping is already an issue, and Pokémon GO is just making it worse. We need to put a stop to it!


Another reason is that people have died playing it. One man walked off a cliff (see above) . Running into trees hurt too. People need to look were they are going! People playing this game run into everything. Ditches, walls, trees, cars, other players, cars, etc.


Finally, "There's a Pikachu in there!" is NOT an excuse for breaking in. A lot of people have been charged with burglary because of that. No one wants heaps of teens hanging around your house because there's a Jigglypuff there.


So therefore Pokémon GO should be banned. IT'S DANGEROUS, IT'S EXPOSING YOU AND seriously, no one wants every child/teen at their house hunting Pikachu. Think about it...

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