Dylan Bundy Vs Kevin Gausman Who will WIN

Dylan Bundy (right) Kevin Gausman (Left)

Do you have two favorite athletes that you think have equal skill levels and you don't know which one is better? I have that same problem with Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman. They are both MLB pitchers for the Baltimore Orioles and they are both great.

They are both 24 years old, both 200 pounds and they are both 6 foot 3 inches in height. They pitch with a similar wind up and throw with the same whip. So it's hard for a person like you or me to decide which one is better. That's why I did some research to find out. In my research I found out that you have to look at style, form and attitude.


Dylan Bundy


Dylan Bundy has good style and good attitude but he lacks form. Dylan Bundy throws an unreliable curve ball which is an advantage, because it's hard for the batter to set up his swing. Using his strange ball placement he can strike out the batter. His style of pitching makes a pitch look like a ball but when it's by the plate it will move into the strike zone. "Bundy’s four-seam fastball had tremendous late life and would burst upon the hitter." said Bernie Pleskoff, a MLB scout. Another strength is Bundy's up lifting attitude. With a good mindset you start a chain reaction within the dug out which leads to team spirt then into victory.


Dylan's weakness is his form. When he pitches he keeps his hand pointed down and towards the catcher, instead of away and up. When he whips the ball sideways it gives a good change up. However throwing that way is very bad for your arm and elbow. In his follow through of his pitch, his arm is left higher than it should be. This form is also bad for his elbow. If he can throw the same kind of pitch with a better form, he would be able to pitch better.



Kevin Gausman has exceptional form. He has superior control over his pitches. his good balance in a main factor of his great control. In an interview, Buck Showalter said that he has full trust in Kevin Gausman to throw strikes because of his great control.


Kevin Gausman's weakness is that with control he lacks speed. With a fast moving pitch it's hard for a batter to hit it when it's flying by. If he adds speed to his 2 seam, he would have a prefect pitch. Thats not reality because if he would throw faster. Which would have made his pitches great

kevin Gausman and his love for Donuts
We are still One team

I think Dylan Bundy is the guy I would play. He has good attitude and style, though he lacks good form. I still think that he is an overall better player then Kevin Gausman. His good attitude is priceless because it keeps the mood up even when losing. A good attitude is more important than any kind of pitch. Thats why i would choose him.

As a high school and college player he was a star. Winning the gatorade player of the year ( 3 times). He has also won awards in his high school years like from usa today, lovil sluger, coaches association and more. But when he moved up to the big league which is a whole new level. As a young player in 2011 he got very little playing time but in 2013 he moved up to the starting lineup and is now one of Buck Showalter favorite pitchers for opening games

Now let's talk about Kevin Gausman. In 2010 Kevin Gausman was picked by the Los Angeles Dodgers but he didn't sign a deal. But instead he played for the LSU Tigers. He did very well in collegiate baseball. Then in 2012 the Orioles gave him a 4.32 million dollar deal. So he started the 2013 season with the Bowie Bay Soxs the orioles minor league team. He played for less than a year ( with Dylan Bundy). Because in May 23 2013 he was promoted to play with the baltimore orioles. He had his debut against the Toronto blue jays.

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