The Disappointment of America Serene darwish

I hear America singing, the voices of the Mexicans, who's work is underappreciated,

Those of the Asians, who's appearance for some reason masks their intelligence to others,

Those of the handicapped, whose disabilities spark controversy, and not aide,

Those of the Native Americans, who are still misrepresented by names such as Indians and Redskins,

Those of the Middle Easterners, who's issues in their home countries are glossed over as pointless,

Each singing what belongs to him or her and non else,

Each having a case of disappointment and misery, yet they are deemed unimportant,

So they sing their disappointing songs, loud enough to hopefully be heard one day


Created with images by Håkan Dahlström - "Stars & Stripes" • giulian.frisoni - "Mexico folk dance" • Pixapopz - "math blackboard education" • Steve A Johnson - "handicap sign" • werner22brigitte - "dreamcatcher feather plume" • FreedomHouse - "A rescue team arrives at a building following an air strike by Syrian government forces on January 30, 2014 in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo." • notnixon - "private privacy green" • Myriams-Fotos - "children's eyes eyes blue eye" • Didgeman - "microphone mixer cable"

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