Los Cognados By: Azul Lobos, Emilia Guerra and Jesus Torres


Cognate: a word in two or more languages that look similar and have the same definition. Examples: accidente; artista; beisbol; chocolate

False Cognate

False Cognate: A word in two or more languages that looks similar but DO NOT have the same definition. Examples: libreria = bookstore NOT library; fabrica = factory NOT fabric; carpeta = folder NOT carpet/rug

Exact Cognate

Exact Cognate: Same Spelling but different pronunciation. Examples: Color, Actor, Hospital, Popular, and hotel

Direct Cognate

Direct Cognate: these words mean the same but they don't have the same spelling. Examples from each group; educacion, curiosidad, familia, furioso, correctamente, estudio

Indirect Cognates

indirect Cognates are different words but with the same meaning. Examples of Indirect cognates are: Alto and Aprender

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