Alexander The Great by seth grant

Alexander The Great was born in Pella 356 B.C. Alexander The Great was took the throne when he was only 20 years old. Alexander followed in his fathers footsteps when he took the throne. Alexander was tutored by Aristotle.
When Alexander became king he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps in taking over Persia. Once Alexander did that he started taking over more and more. Eventually his Empire looked like the picture above. Alexander had one of the fasted growing empires in history.
After Alexander conquered India his men were tired of walking around for so many years. So Alexander took his men back to Babylon were he sadly died. Alexander was 32 when he died.He developed a fever, which worsened until he was unable to speak.
Even though Alexander died so young he had a ton of achievements one being his Hellenistic Culture. Basically this culture was a mixture of Persia, India, Greek, Egypt cultures. People traveled different places. Also men were "real man" and woman had a role in society.
During His reign he was many kings. He was King Of Macedonia. He was pharaoh of Egypt. King Of Persia. And King of Asia throughout his reign.

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