Traveling around cultural landscape Expericening each religion


Bethlehem was the birth site for Jesus, an important leader for Christians. He was born laying in a manger which was happened to be in a stable. Now today there is an an inlaid silver star that I saw in a grotto under the 6th-century Church of the Nativity, which shares Manger Square with the 15th-century Church of St. Catherine. This shows how Christianity's architecture is influenced by the birth of jesus and revolves around the structures of churches.

This is the Silver Star located in Bethlehem and baby Jesus in the manger


Mecca is the holiest city in Western Saudi Arabia. This is because it’s the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and islamic faith itself. There I saw a gigantic stadium type structure. Its architecture had big towers. In the center of all of the chaos there is a black stone box-like monument called Kaaba stone . It is said that before you die you must touch it to wipe away all of the sins you gained in life.

Mecca with the Kaaba Stone


A very sacred site of judaism is the Western Wall known as "The Wailing Wall". This is located in the old and important city of Jerusalem. The wall represents a place for jews that are permitted to pray and is the holiest place for them. The architecture expresses how old and important the religion has been and how it continues to be practiced even though its has the smallest number of followers.

This is the wailing wall and Star Of David


Lumbini is a buddhist pilgrimage site located in Nepal. It is the birth place of the Buddha Thatagata. This is known as the holiest place for buddhist. Buddhism is also polytheist. There I saw many monuments and representations of the many Gods. This relates to the architecture by having these Gods incorporated into them.

Buddah and a temple in lumbini


Angkor Wat is a very important and sacred site for Hindus. This is an ancient temple in Southwest Asia. People worship here from the the religion of hinduism. The architecture represents the beauty of the religion. There I saw the Huge temple that many hindus pray at and worship there many Gods. This is because they are polytheists.

This is Angkor Wat


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