My Learning Diary by Alessia de marco

In addition to the traditional study my class and I have done several projects for our school. We started with an internship in England for a week, where we visited the site and studied in their college.

As the second project we were tasked with reading the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare for the show seen later and present it.

As a third project for the Christmas holidays there was assigned the task of choosing two books from our "library" in class and then a review following the indications given by our professor.

I do a work where I talk about Bolt, the man who managed to fly.

There was also assigned the task of making a game out of a site. This is my certificate:

Attended has a project on writing. I decided to write a fantasy story on inclusion and emigration.


Now I want put here the other project with the teachers. The first is Math where I talk about Sezione Aurea in the music.

The second work was for biology where i talk about endocrine system.

The third project is for physics about the film Ramanujan.

As a fourth job, assigned by the professor of physical educationb I talked about the different types of karate and dance in the world

As a work of Italian instead with the class I translated a book of stories written by Anne Frank

Then I also did an art work on early Christian art. I have spoken of six most used symbols of Christians and the various techniques of painting

Also together with the second we played The extravagance of Lucrezia, a project organized by Professor Marino.


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